Henna powder & pre-mix cone

Sunnyvale Natural Henna Powder & Pre-mix Cone

Sunnyvale natural henna powder contains hennotannic acid, a dye that bonds with the keratin of hair, leaving behind a coppery red coloring. When it mixed with another natural herbal coloring- Indigo, with different mix ratio, it will dye your hair from light to dark brown color. Henna especially dyes white hair into brownish red color, lets black hair looks as usual and it makes hair bouncy, straight and thick without any oily built-up and dandruff.

We supply Body Art Quality Henna which is a high grade super fine powder packed full of Lawsonis dye. Body Art quality henna has more dye content than normal henna sold for hair use. Therefore you get more power for your money!

We also have the pre-mixed fresh natural henna paste/cone, ready to use right away, and it contains herbal hair conditioning-Cassia obovata to promote healthy, soft and shining hair.